Women’s Testimonies

Testimony from Barbara Hemphill, author of “Taming the Paper Tiger”

WOMEN LOVE FIT10 BECAUSE they can build lean strong muscle without bulking up, and get a quick and efficient workout at home, anytime they want, without big equipment that has to be slid under a bed or stuffed in a closet. 

“I have never felt so good – physically or mentally – than I do today, thanks to FIT10.”
-Anne Potoma, Independence, OH

“With my busy schedule I wanted a better workout in less time. FIT10 has given me a better body, more flexibility, strength, improved my cardio conditioning, and it only takes 10 minutes! I recommend FIT10 to all of my practice members who want a BETTER workout in less time.”
-Dr. Lynn A. Buckler, CA

“Every exercise I used to do, even walking, hurt my back, because my muscles were becoming so weak and I was getting so out of shape. But, with FIT10 I have never had a sore back. In fact, I have strengthened my back so much that I can walk for a very long time now without a sore back. It is amazing. In the past, I have also had neck problems, but the stretching with FIT10 has helped me strengthened my neck as well and I do not get the pain I used to get.”
-Cheryl Gualt, Clearwater, FL

“My husband and I each use FIT10 and enjoy our workout time together. We have made steady progress towards our strength-building and weight reduction goals, in only a few short weeks. Thanks!”
-Marianne Wooddy, Atlanta, GA

“To my delight and surprise, with FIT10 I have never experienced any soreness in any part of my body, and for the first time I have upper body strength!”
-Carole Hirthler

“I travel 2-3 days a week every week of the year. This put a strain on my ability to exercise until I discovered FIT10. It fits easily into any suitcase, can be used so easily in every hotel room. I now travel with the peace of mind that I can get in a decent workout in a very short period of time, and I don’t need to depend on the equipment in the hotel fitness center. It’s much more effective than the exercise bands I used to carry, and it’s much more durable as well. And because I can alter the tension easily, I don’t need to purchase equipment to increase the intensity of the workout. But the best thing about the FIT10 is how easy it is to stretch using it. I have a tendency to hold my tension in my neck and shoulders. FIT10 has been a godsend for my neck and shoulders. I stretch using it twice a day now, and love how it makes my upper body feel. Thank you for this wonderful piece of equipment.”
-Wendy Portnuff

“FIT10 helps me accomplish a full workout in a matter of minutes prior to leaving the house to begin my workday… providing me strength and rejuvenation.”
-Indy Cesari, Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology

“I started using FIT10 at age 38, during my first pregnancy. At the time, I was walking daily for up to an hour and a half to get in shape. The 10 minute time commitment required to do your program appealed to me as I was walking at the time and spending too much time doing my walking workout. I was amazed with the results I experienced! I felt more invigorated and got more of a cardiovascular workout doing this program than by walking briskly for an hour! Plus, unlike walking, I exercised my upper body, and was exercising in less than 15 minutes. As my pregnancy progressed, I was able to continue my ten minute workout, right up to the day of my delivery! The running belt fit right under my tummy and was not at all uncomfortable. I actually felt better staying active and moving during my pregnancy. The stretching exercises helped lessen my minor pregnant body pains, eliminating my upper back ache and circulation problems. My energy level increased every morning after starting my day with the 10 minute workout. I am sure that using FIT10 helped me have an easier delivery and faster recovery. Being fit really helped my in the labor process. Also, fitness was key to my rapid recovery. I would recommend this workout to every pregnant woman and mom for overall fitness. Several of my family members and friends are now using FIT10 and we keep each other motivated. Thank you so much for this wonderful program!”
-Elizabeth Begley

“Besides the increase in strength and aerobic fitness, I have found there is less tension in my shoulders which is a welcome benefit. I have been in therapy for a “frozen shoulder”. Pain persisted even after my release from therapy. After using FIT10 the pain is gone.”
-Ann Schmidt

“When I have used FIT10 on a regular basis, I have enjoyed increased strength, stamina and muscle tone! I had gotten away from the 10 minute work-out, and definitely could tell the difference. I took a 10 week fitness class recently at a local Karate Studio, focusing mainly on Kick Boxing. I enjoyed the class, but realized that I had to drive 20 minutes back to the city I had just left a couple of hours earlier (from work) to attend the only class available to me. The class lasted one hour, and then I had to drive back home. I started to think about the benefits of FIT10, and realized that they far outweighed the benefits of the Karate classes. Ten serious minutes a day give me the results that I am looking for, and I will be able to use my time and renewed energy for other endeavors. I highly recommend FIT10—for fitness and for good stewardship of time and money!”
-Shirley Calhoun, Walpole, NH

“When I attended your seminar 6 weeks ago, I was over 50, hated to exercise, and needed to shed several pounds. I liked the simplicity of the FIT10 equipment and the workout routine, so I decided to give it a try. I felt it was something that even I could stick to; I just wasn’t too sure it would work. I have done the exercise routine daily now for 6 weeks. I have lost 7.5 inches total and 5 pounds. Losing the inches and weight has been great; however, I am not making that my primary goal. I really want to be fit and I feel this is happening slowly. I have much greater flexibility and stamina than when I first started. No, I still do not like to exercise, but I do like the results! So I find those 10 minutes every day to work through the routine. Since I travel a lot, the simplicity of the equipment has been great. I can easily take it with me everywhere I go.”
-Judith F. Turner

“I’ve been using FIT10 now for about a week, and must say that I like how easy it is. I’m actually exercising in the morning before I start my day. Your encouraging voice on the DVD keeps me going through the entire 10 minutes.”
-Wendy Portnuff, California

“Since I got out of college, I’ve been inactive basically for 20+ years. With 7 children, I needed to get back into shape. I saw your information and was drawn in by the testimony a woman gave regarding her cholesterol. My husband is facing a similar challenge with cholesterol and although he works construction, it’s not the right kind of exercise. I can’t imagine ever going back to a club or aerobics class again. I knew that I could do 10 minutes a day – if I couldn’t – something was wrong with my priorities. My problem is time. This is the answer.”
-Linda Chambers, Culpeper, VA

“I ordered FIT10 a while back, but couldn’t start with it due to shoulder surgery. Well, 2 weeks ago, I got the green light from my doctor to return to all physical activity, and I’ve been using it ever since, and I really like it! Short, intense kinds of workouts are the only kind I like. I absolutely hate long drawn out sessions, especially aerobics. I used to do power-lifting, when I was a volunteer firefighter, and I was so addicted to working out with high intensely, for a short period of time, and this is so similar, except for the extreme muscle soreness, and joint problems that the heavy weightlifting caused. The FIT10 workout took a few days to really get in the groove, it is certainly different, and being that I’m just getting back to exercise, and pitifully out of shape, I don’t yet feel like it’s enough when I’m done, but I sure feel like it’s enough when I’m doing it! I’m using as much intensity as I can, and I know, from your video that it’s enough, because the intensity will go up over time. Thanks!”
-Susan Slaughter

“My husband recently bought FIT10 and I will say I was skeptical because of all the so-called quick fixes out there. November lst I started the exercise program along with my husband, and it’s almost too good to be true – only ten minutes a day. My husband had his physical a few days ago and his blood pressure is better than ever and he’s to keep doing what he’s doing. We are both 63 and don’t take any medication. We would recommend your exercise program to anyone.”
-Marlene Koch, Tamaqua, PA

“My husband and I have been using your program for only 3 weeks and have been very happy with it. He has noticed an increase in his strength already. We are only in our early 50’s and are not overweight but knew we had to do something to get in shape. We live an extremely sedentary lifestyle. My main concern is osteoporosis as my mom has it severely. Over the course of the last few months, I had noticed a fair amount of pain in my knees, and I cannot believe that after only a couple of weeks, I would say that the pain has decreased by at least 70 percent. For instance, a week ago as I knelt down on one knee to get something from my cupboard I winced…expecting it to be painful and it was completely painless. Getting out of bed in the morning likewise has become painless. We have a cycle and a Nordic Track in the basement gathering dust. We had even hooked up a TV to encourage us to use them…..to no avail. Truly the fact that your exercise program can be done in 10 minutes is the key. We are quite enthusiastic about it and have talked to several of our friends about it already. In short…ALLELUIA! And thank you!!!!!”
-Judy Durfee, Henderson, NC

“My husband and I have been using FIT10 since the spring of 2008. We love it! I play the DVD every morning to help keep up my intensity. As a Health Minister, I am recommending it to everyone. Thanks for making exercise quick and fun.”
-Judy Nelson