QST Magic

The Secret Behind the FIT10 Quick Strength Trainer
This small powerful device, lets you quickly and effortlessly adjust the resistance setting to exactly what you need, while you’re exercising. FIT10 USERS CALL IT MAGIC! Unlike resistance bands or tubing, with the QST, as you increase power, you also increase resistance.

Here’s how and why it works!
There are two key things about this unique method of building strength that differentiates it from virtually any other method; the use of isometrics, and isokinetic resistance.

With FIT10 QST you use a 10-second Isometric contraction to pre-fatigue the muscles you’re strengthening – taking the place of the normal “back and forth” repetitions. Then you immediately work the muscle through the full range of motion using isokinetic resistance for 12 seconds. This is repeated two more times. Using this method, you can build dynamic strength quickly, safely and without soreness.

Assuming you are exercising with intensity, you can double your strength in 45-60 days!