Men’s Testimonies

Testimony from Steve Dils, former LA Rams Quarterback

Testimony from Lowery Robinson, former NY Mets baseball player

MEN LOVE FIT10 BECAUSE they can get a quick intense workout without muscle or joint soreness, and without putting their back at risk. They also enjoy throwing FIT10 into their travel bag to get a great workout on the road.

“I began using FIT10, working out 5-7 times a week with no other supplemental programs and minor changes to my eating habits. As of December 1st, I have lost 30-35 pounds and most importantly, I am now wearing a 36″ pant and only need large sized shirts. I move around the tennis court and softball diamond better now to where it is more enjoyable. The FIT10 program has been by far the simplest, more effective program I’ve used. Ten minutes is like a commercial break these days. It has definitely been the least expensive in time and money. This is a good thing!!!”
– Mark Metcalf, Kennesaw, GA

“I’m almost 80 years old. I’ve always worked out aerobically but I have never done anything to develop my upper body, until about 3 years ago when I learned about FIT10. This is the most incredible product I have ever seen in my life! I use FIT10 in hotels all across America. I never had any muscle development in my upper body, I always had soft abs. But after working out with FIT10 I have developed 2 inches in my biceps and triceps, I’ve added 4 inches to my chest, my abs are rock hard, and my calf muscles have developed considerably.”
 – George Malkmus, North Carolina

“About 30 years ago my left knee cap was removed following an accident. The quadriceps muscle was split and stapled into the bone below the knee. I have retained full use of the leg and no pain. My current age is 71—I am very fit (walking 5-6 miles on 6 days a week). I am a ‘Health Minister’ with Hallelujah Acres here in Australia. Six weeks ago I gave up my cardio work out at a fitness center (including 70kg leg press) and started using FIT10. I find FIT10 a terrific system and am informing clients of its benefits. Keep up the great work.”
-Peter B Jones, Australia

“This program really works!”
-Robby Robertson, U.S Navy Seal

“FIT10 is a phenomenal, and it works! I recently had shoulder surgery but as soon as my shoulder allows me, I’ll be back exercising with FIT10 six days a week, ten minutes a day.”
-Don Turner

“I’ve been playing golf since high school. In high school I was an All-American and I played just a little in college for the college team. I didn’t get to play a whole lot while I was in the Navy, but still got out some for fun. Over the years (I’ve just turned 40) I’ve started losing some distance, and I had accepted that. Even with all of the new technology advances it seemed that I was destined to hit it with less power. I started my first serious workout program while I was in the Navy, and it was geared almost totally to increasing strength in the upper body. In the last few years I’ve tried to go back to lifting some free-weights and working out on a universal machine on occasion, but every time I did and then went out to play golf, I had sharp pains in my shoulder and even my elbows (like tennis elbow, except it was in my left arm). So I’d almost given up on being able to work out and play golf. Well, my wife Sandy gave me FIT10 for Christmas. I liked it immediately for several reasons, such as it’s compactness and ease of use. At first I didn’t put a correlation between my new exercise routine and my golf game, but after 4 months of regularly using your exercise program, I realized that it is responsible for a renewed ability to strike the golf ball with authority. This program has made my upper body muscles much more toned and ready. In addition my flexibility is now comparable to what it was in college. I need very little loosening up before a round now. I am playing less now than I have in the last few years, but I am carrying my irons 8-10 yards farther than I was and I am driving the ball considerably further. I have made no other real changes in the last few months to my golf game, and the only lifestyle change I’ve made is using this wonderful ten minute program. I guess all I can really say is THANKS!!!”
-Ben Gillam

“I am just so excited about FIT10. I am a 61 year old CPA. The last time I was in decent physical shape was when I graduated from Army boot camp 40 years ago. I don’t mind exercise, but it is just about the most boring thing imaginable. For the last five years, my energy level has been very low. I have used FIT10 for three weeks. I have lost no weight, but I can feel a change in my muscles. But here is what really excites me. Today I took two of my grandchildren to Six Flags. Usually, after walking that much, I am completely wiped out. I walked up hill and downhill. I rode the rides. I stood in the long lines. And tonight I am not the least bit tired. That may not seem like much but to me it is amazing.”
-Rod Andrews, Dallas, GA

“I am writing to tell you how completely satisfied I am with FIT10. I will be 66 in February and I have been using it for a little over two years. I very seldom missed a day. It has really strengthened my muscles and increased my energy. My good cholesterol has increased and the bad cholesterol has decreased. The total is the lowest it has been in about ten years.”
-Larry Murphy, Marietta, GA

“I have run over 87,000 miles but I could not get my own family to enjoy daily workouts. I had purchased thousands of dollars of equipment only to find the fit one (me) the only user of these machines. Then I discovered FIT10. My family has fallen in love with it and has maintained regular morning workouts since. Take it from me as a man who loves to exercise – this is the best exercise workout I have ever used and the best part is that it has become a family affair. FIT10 is a great investment that has allowed us to get and stay in shape physically.”
-Rico Kotrous, Lincoln, NE