Doctor’s Testimonies

Testimony from Dr. Pamela S. Putman, sports physician

DOCTORS LOVE FIT10 BECAUSE they can recommend it to anyone at any age, knowing that it is a completely safe method of exercise − especially for anyone with bad-back issues − and does not overstress the muscles or joints.

“I endorse the FIT10 Quick Strength Trainer, and have found it to be a great solution for my patients to develop and maintain the lifetime habit of proper exercise. I personally have used this program for years.”
 -Dr. Joe Phillips, M.D. OB/Gyn

“FIT10 is a Godsend! Thank you Dave. I feel so “in control” of my ability to reap the benefits of resistance training AND interval training − all in TEN MINUTES A DAY! It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, or if I am traveling. Sharing this breakthrough with my patients is a joy and a privilege. For me, a breakthrough needs to be do-able, safe, affordable, fun, and it has to work. FIT10 meets all these criteria.”
-Dr. David Kamnitzer, DC

“I personally use the Quick Strength Trainer with excellent results… not only in strength gains but in fat loss. One particular patient lost 224 pounds within 1 year while using FIT10 as part of a lifestyle program. I highly recommend it to my patients!”
-Dr. Miven Donato, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor

“Thank you for the opportunity to personally use the Quick Strength Trainer as well as make it available to my patients. I have two herniated discs in my lower back. I have suffered for the past four years. Each year it seems I have given up more and more physical activity except my work, which is very physical, but not healthy physically. It seems to have helped some of the systemic joint pain I have developed in the past couple of years.”
-Dr. Suzanne Bisset, Lilburn, GA