Research shows concentrated exercise perfect for diabetics

The FIT10 method of exercise is ideal for diabetics because it is short and intense 

If you, and/or your children are diabetic, or borderline diabetic, you should be greatly encouraged by new research on diabetics and exercise. Why? Because the most difficult thing about exercise is finding and making the time to do it consistently enough to have a beneficial effect. That’s why the FIT10 formula is so successful. People are much more successful at reaching their fitness goals with the FIT10 method because it’s easier to fit fitness in to your life in small doses (with intensity), done every day.

The FIT10 method of exercise is ideal for those with diabetes. New research shows that A few minutes of intense exercise a week is just as good as a half-hour of moderate physical activity a day for reducing a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes — and may actually be even more effective.

Scientist hypothesized that high intensity exercise might improve insulin sensitivity more efficiently. To investigate, they had 16 men in their early 20s do six sessions of exercise, each including four to six 30-second sprints interspersed with four-minute rest periods. The time commitment for each session ranged from 17 to 26 minutes.

Recommendations for high intensity, short duration exercise could one day replace current physical activity guidelines. Dr. James A. Timmons states, “… there is mounting evidence that doing [high intensity, short duration exercise] will deliver the same reductions in risk factors.