Bad Back Issues

FIT10 is simply the very best way to build strength if you have a bad back!

The FIT10 method of building strength was developed by Dave Hubbard as a direct result of his bad-back issues suffered from a near fatal accident. He found it difficult to do conventional strength building and aerobic exercise without causing more back pain and residual nerve and muscle soreness. The FIT10 method of exercise allows those with back problems to get a vigorous workout without having to endure the pain and soreness that typically accompanies exercise.

Research shows that exercising is the key to a healthier back, however, many strength building exercises, especially using body weight or machine resistance, can be damaging to the back. The FIT10 method for building strength was developed for and first used by Apollo Astronauts in gravity-free space. The significance of this for those who suffer from back pain and back issues is significant. Each exercise performed in the 10-Minute Exercise Program is gravity-free, meaning that there is no compression on the spine, allowing those with back problems to exercise every day without soreness and risk of injury.