The FIT10 method of exercise is ideal for aging adults

Along with burning calories, the importance of maintaining your strength is also about preventing osteoporosis. One in four women over the age of 50, and one in eight men over 50 has osteoporosis.

Do you know that the single most important thing you can do to prevent osteoporosis, is to maintain your strength – especially upper body strength?  Nothing lowers the risk of osteoporotic bone fractures better than strength training. To stay healthy, you must stay strong!

Your muscles have the same capacity for strength when you’re 75 as they did when you were 25 – but not your joints! FIT10 allows you to build strength without beating up your joints in the process.

With increased longevity comes serious issues regarding quality of life in the later years. Sadly, only 8% of American adults currently exercise at recommended levels. Most chronic diseases and disabilities in aging adults develop insidiously over decades, and are preventable. The FIT10 method of exercise is uniquely beneficial for aging adults.