A Few of the Hundreds of Comments from FIT10 Fans

“I have never felt so good – physically or mentally – than I do today, thanks to FIT10.”
-Anne Potoma, Independence, OH

“The FIT10 program has been by far the simplest, more effective program I’ve used. It has definitely been the least expensive in time and money. This is a good thing!!!”
– Mark Metcalf, Kennesaw, GA

“With my busy schedule I wanted a better workout in less time. FIT10 has given me a better body, more flexibility, strength, improved my cardio conditioning, and it only takes 10 minutes! I recommend FIT10 to all of my practice members who want a BETTER workout in less time.”
-Dr. Lynn A. Buckler, CA

“I’m almost 80 years old. I’ve always worked out aerobically but I have never done anything to develop my upper body, until I learned about FIT10. This is the most incredible program I have ever seen in my life! I use FIT10 in hotels all across America. I never had any muscle development in my upper body, I always had soft abs. But after working out with FIT10 I have developed 2 inches in my biceps and triceps, I’ve added 4 inches to my chest, my abs are rock hard, and my calf muscles have developed considerably.”
– George Malkmus, North Carolina

“Every exercise I used to do, even walking, hurt my back, because my muscles were becoming so weak and I was getting so out of shape. With FIT10 I have never had a sore back. In fact, I have strengthened my back so much that I can walk for a very long time now without a sore back. It is amazing.”
-Cheryl Gualt, Clearwater, FL

“I personally use FIT10 with excellent results… not only in strength gains but in fat loss. I highly recommend it to my patients!”
-Dr. Miven Donato, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor

“About 30 years ago my left knee cap was removed following an accident. The quadriceps muscle was split and stapled into the bone below the knee. I have retained full use of the leg and no pain. My current age is 71—I am very fit (walking 5-6 miles on 6 days a week). I am a ‘Health Minister’ with Hallelujah Acres here in Australia. Six weeks ago I gave up my cardio workout at a fitness center (including 70kg leg press) and started using FIT10. I find FIT10 a terrific system and am informing clients of its benefits. Keep up the great work.”
-Peter B Jones, Australia

“My husband and I each use FIT10 and enjoy our workout time together. We have made steady progress towards our strength-building and weight reduction goals, in only a few short weeks. Thanks!”
-Marianne Wooddy, Atlanta, GA

“This program really works!”
-Robby Robertson, U.S Navy Seal

“To my delight and surprise, with FIT10 I have never experienced any soreness in any part of my body, and for the first time I have upper body strength!”
-Carole Hirthler

“I am just so excited about FIT10. I am a 61 year old CPA. The last time I was in decent physical shape was when I graduated from Army boot camp 40 years ago. I don’t mind exercise, but it is just about the most boring thing imaginable. For the last five years, my energy level has been very low. I have used FIT10 for three weeks and I can really feel a change in my muscles.”
-Rod Andrews, Dallas, GA

“I travel 2-3 days a week every week of the year. This put a strain on my ability to exercise until I discovered FIT10. It fits easily into any suitcase, can be used so easily in every hotel room. I now travel with the peace of mind that I can get in a decent workout in a very short period of time, without needing  to depend on the equipment in the hotel fitness center.”
-Wendy Portnuff

“I am writing to tell you how completely satisfied I am with FIT10. I will be 66 in February and I have been using it for a little over two years. I very seldom missed a day. It has really strengthened my muscles and increased my energy. My good cholesterol has increased and the bad cholesterol has decreased. The total is the lowest it has been in about ten years.”
-Larry Murphy, Marietta, GA

“Thank you for the opportunity to personally use FIT10 as well as make it available to my patients. I have two herniated discs in my lower back. I have suffered for the past four years. Each year it seems I have given up more and more physical activity except my work, which is very physical, but not healthy physically. It seems to have helped some of the systemic joint pain I have developed in the past couple of years.”
-Dr. Suzanne Bisset, Lilburn, GA

“FIT10 is a Godsend! It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, or if I am traveling. Sharing this breakthrough with my patients is a joy and a privilege. For me, a breakthrough needs to be do-able, safe, affordable, fun, and it has to work. FIT10 meets all these criteria.”
-Dr. David Kamnitzer, DC

“Besides the increase in strength and aerobic fitness, I have found there is less tension in my shoulders which is a welcome benefit. I have been in therapy for a “frozen shoulder”. Pain persisted even after my release from therapy. After using FIT10 the pain is gone.”
-Ann Schmidt

“My husband recently bought FIT10 and I will say I was skeptical. I started the exercise program along with my husband, and it’s almost too good to be true. My husband’s blood pressure is better than ever. We are both 63 and would recommend your exercise program to anyone.”
-Marlene Koch, Tamaqua, PA

“My husband and I have been using your program for only 3 weeks and have been very happy with it. He has noticed an increase in his strength already. We are in our 50’s and knew we had to do something to get in shape. My main concern is osteoporosis as my mom has it severely. Over the course of the last few months, I had noticed a fair amount of pain in my knees, and I cannot believe that after only a couple of weeks the pain has decreased by at least 70 percent. Getting out of bed in the morning likewise has become painless. Thank you!!!!!”
-Judy Durfee, Henderson, NC