The Five Advantages

Advantages of FIT10™ versus traditional methods
(free-weights, machines, bands/tubing, body-weight resistance)

1. TRAIN IN LESS TIME The FIT10 method allows you to pre-fatigue the muscles being strengthened using an isometric contraction. Then, you automatically adjust the resistance needed, and continue doing so for every repetition and set. Only 66 seconds is required to get maximum effect per exercise. With this method of building strength, no weights need to be added, removed or changed.

2. SAFETY With the FIT10 method, you determine the speeds at which you wish to work, and that remains a constant resistance. Every repetition can be fully exerted to the maximum but no more resistance is produced than the body can generate at that moment, minimizing the chances of injuries.

3. NO MUSCLE/JOINT SORENESS With the FIT10 method you only exert force in the positive (concentric) part of the exercise thus allowing the blood vessels to dilate slightly during the return or negative phase. This causes better blood flow to the muscle tissue, bringing nutrients in and flushing waste materials out. The result is little to no muscle soreness from the buildup of lactic acid which is mostly removed. This also eliminates 200-300 lbs of pressure on joints during exercise.

4. MORE STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT The FIT10 method allows you to work to a maximum at all ranges of the motion and accommodates fatigue factors, as well as maximizing the total work load. With traditional strength training, a weight is lifted (or band/tubing is stretched) for a specific number of repetitions but only achieving a maximum exertion at the end of the set, thus nowhere near the total work load that is achieved using FIT10.

5. SPECIFICITY TRAINING Because exercise resistance is not dependent on gravity it is possible to do multiple exercises at different angles that duplicate and strengthen the motions of the body for the particular motion desired. Because the exercise is performed only in concentric contraction (positive) the exercise can be repeated with little if any time between repetitions. This makes for a safe and effective exercise. This cannot be done with weights or most machines because of the dependence on gravity, and limits possible injury.


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