Fit for Travel

Is FIT10 a good exercise solution for those who travel?

With more Americans traveling on business and pleasure than ever before, the need for better fitness while traveling has never been greater. Nearly one-half of travelers polled by USA Today felt that they were in worse shape because they lack the time or the means to exercise properly during travel. To stay healthy and reduce stress, road warriors must maintain regular exercise and eat right when traveling.

FIT10 is the very best way to stay fit and relieve stress when you travel. In fact, there is no other travel exercise solution that even comes close! Because FIT10 is so small – weighs less than 2 lbs, it easily fits in your briefcase, suitcase or carry-on-bag. With FIT10 you no longer need to worry about whether your hotel has a fitness room − that may or may not have the equipment you need; you no longer need to worry about weather conditions prohibiting you from exercising outside; you no longer need to pack special exercise clothes. Simply place FIT10 on your room door, turn on the TV or favorite exercise music, and get a vigorous workout, anytime you choose.


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